Album Review: ‘The Car’

Four years after the release of Tranquility Base & Hotel Casino, Arctic Monkeys are back with the release of their latest album. Nostalgic and sentimental, The Car is a vulnerable love letter to the fans, waving goodbye to their old styles with a James Bond-esque mystique accompanied by hints of The Last Shadow Puppets. This album is certainly one which looks ahead into Arctic Monkeys’ new artistic direction, as a more refined, soft rock collection of songs, yet features a key theme of insecurit

‘Dogtooth’ Is A Harrowing Commentary on Intense Familial Roles: Review

Although released in 2009, Yorgos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth has found its way back as a talking point of film lovers everywhere after its recent arrival as a feature on MUBI. A Greek thriller centred on an overly controlling family who have ostracised their adult children from the world, this film will leave you feeling unnerved, but in the best way possible. Dogtooth instantly establishes a disturbing atmosphere with its opening, which offers no context as to the situation of the characters, merely

Opus Kink - 'Til The Stream Runs Dry

Opus Kink’s new EP 'Til The Stream Runs Dry launches with a lush instrumental lift-off, ‘Into The Stream,’ building tension for the true sonic adventure that we are about to experience. It then bursts into ‘I Love You, Baby’, which opens with upbeat and rocky guitar rhythms, leading into growling IDLES-esque vocals with swooning jazz moments. The meandering brass and rich chaos establish an untamed feel, which is maintained throughout the EP. ‘Dog Stay Down’ hosts a cacophony of hushed vocals b

The Impostor Syndrome Survival Guide — Aila

Going to university can often be an idealised experience. You get to live independently, away from the familiarity of home, make new friends, and adapt to a whole new lifestyle. I've always pictured a smooth cruise through academia and a fun (occasionally boozy) experience; however, it wasn't until I began to settle into university that insecurities about myself and my background bubbled up to the surface thanks to Impostor Syndrome. Which is described by trusty Google as 'the persistent inabili

An Impromptu Weekend in Granada

If there was one thing that I expected from summer 2021, it definitely wasn’t a spontaneous £20 trip to southern Spain to see my best friend Raúl. Although I felt like a main character in a coming-of-age film, solo-travelling with one backpack during times of a pandemic whilst lacking common sense felt like an Olympic Sport. Nevertheless, the two-year turbulence of Coronavirus was well worth the flight turbulence to be hit with the gust of hot air as I stepped off the plane onto Spanish land bef